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Chapter I: The Beginning

I remember when I was a little girl, my dad bought me something I have never seen before. It's full of paper that my dad called pages. My mom said it's a book. I have no idea. It was said that have to read it to know. It's interesting. It's strange. I felt I'm in other place, other space. Lost and not coming back... So I decided to open the first page, and begin the story...

Morning. It's morning already and I'm sitting on my bed. Gazzing out looking up, nothing change. My glowing lamp is still shining bright. I turn it off, so does the air conditioner. The atmosphere turns. I wear my Merlin slippers, walks out. Nobody's there. I'm alone. I look at the clock, it's 7. I knock my mother's room. I see. She's with her coffee imagining the next chapter of her 10th novel. Dad's not there. I hale. I go back to my room and grab my drawing book. Start sketching as I remember today is Sunday. I've done a lot, but this dragon confused me up. How should I make the tail? I start talking to myself.
"Good Morning dear."
Mom's behind me.
"Morning mom.", I replied.
"Today is the scary dragon? Good, I've been thinking about a dragon too.", she said.
I draw for my mom's novel. It's a ficiton novel. She loves my drawing she said once, and it's fun for me. So, I decided to do drawings for her.
"Yeah mom. How do you want me to draw the tail? And, it should be scary?", I asked.
"Up to you darling. I follow you, scary is not important."
It's quite relieving. She wants me to create it myself. Well, I should.
It's kinda strange. 25 characters I've made. Efls, knights, witches, magicians, and 2 dragons. I'm out of idea. I'll do the tail later.
I went out. Dad's with his TV set and mom's looking like going out.
"I'm gonna buy us some breakfast, be back home soon darling."

She kisses me, and dad. Mom and dad is pretty funny. They're not like others. One is fun energetic and beautiful and one is like a star. Mom's lucky she got dad.
"Bye Mom". I sit next to dad.
"Hey sunshine, how's life?".
"Good. Yours?"
"Fine. Hey, I've got a secret, so don't tell mom."
"I won't." I tried to promise.
"I have a present for her, just a little surprise."
"What is it?". I'm curious.
Beautiful. It's a sample of the cover of mom's next book.
"Beautiful isn't it? I made it myself."

Of course dad, since you met mom in the publishing agency.
"Yeah, mom's gonna be happy."
"You think so? 'Cause I thought it's a bit over the top".
"No it's fine. So, when are you gonna show this to her."
"I'm not sure."
"Give her this the day after tomorrow Dad. She's gonna be out of town after that."
"Right. I love you." He kisses my forehead.

The cover is fine. All of my drawing's there. The main interest is The Quantum Circle, and there's Tulio, The Celtic Wizzard. Then there's Hulia The Middlenight Witch. I love where Dad puts Nymph, The Musk Fairy, it's on the side of the cover. Nocturnal. It's mom's fantasyland that she has ever wanted to made. A secret dsire of hers. It's a huge succes, sold over 5.000.000 copies. Not bad huh? Not bad unless mom keeps who's the illustrator of her book as a secret.
"Nothing to do today Dad? It's a bit boring."
"Well sunshine infact, you can go with me and mom today. It's our anniversary day."
Oh? How could I forget? Silly me.
"Well why not giving her the cover today Dad? It's gonna be even more surprising. And where are we going to go?"
"No, maybe not today sunshine. I still have to work out the appearance. And, I need a dragon, do you have one?".
"Yeah dad, I'll finish it up after we go out."
"Great. Now take a bath, you're smelly." He close his nose.
"I am not." as I walk down the hallway to the bathroom.


I'm eating my breakfast. She bought pancakes. It's Newcakes'. Mom's busy again with her Apple. Dad's keeping an eye on me, he's scary.
"What dad?".
"Nothing, left me the chocos". He begs.
"It's your favorite daling I know it, I bought more of it, you can have it all."
Mom smiles at him.
"Thank's honey, you're the best."
He kisses her. It's a loving morning I guess.
I think. The dragon shouldn't be green. It's whether Magenta, or Vermilion.
My phone. This 4 years phone just coulnd't let me go.
"Who's it darling?". Mom's curious.
"Your fan."
Thousands every month calls through my phone. Mumblers.
"Ah, hang it up."
She wants me to hang it up.
After breakfast. I sit next to mom and she's telling me the idea of the dragons. It's gonna be a twin.
I walk back to my room. Still chilly. My air conditioner is the best.
The drawing book is open. I feel like continuing the twins until..
A sound from my window. It's Julian.
"Hey." as I open the window.
"Hey beautiful", he said.
"Don't start." I warn him
"Alright haha just kidding. Hey, any plans for today?"
"Please?". He always begs.
"Okay, yes, but a No is according to what we are going to do".
"I found this cave, it's very beautiful. You might want to look inside. I heard it's a legendary one"
My Imaginative brain grows when I hear things like this.
"Yeah, it's not far from our tree. So, you're coming?"
"Is it really safe?". Cause if not I definitely want to go.
"No, as you wish princess", he smiles.
"Okay Mr. Lockerson let me put on my coat and ask my father."
"Hurry." He waits.
I ran out ofter I get the permission. I feel bad because not be able to go with my parents, but after all, I'm going to see a new cave.
Julian said it's near our tree. Me and Julian have been friends since we were in Kindergarten. Our town is small. And beautiful. Not much knows about our town. And not much knows about what Julian and I have found. Behind my house there's a hill. Behind that hill there's a land beyond everything. As I call the places in there, they are, Rainbow Tail, Clover Gardenia, Star Soup, Griery's Cottage, Stratos Slizze, Planet, then mine and Julians, The Mince of Minerva. It's a big Oak tree. I took the name from my mom's novel. We have a tree house up there. We put a telescope and pillows, glow in the darks, and we have Mirror, Mirror On The Wall. We painted it purple and indigo. It's my favorite place.
"Come on! We're gonna miss it!"
"Miss what?!"
"I don't know! Just hurry!".
What's so rush about? You even don't know, Julian.
"Stop!". Whooh!
He shocked me.
"What is it?".
"It's the cave...."
I looked up. He's right. It's more than just beautiful. Surrounded by grapes and lilies all over the gate. Sparkles and sprinkles fall from ever lilies, and shine glows from every sparkle. It's dark inside. And above the edge of the cave there is a writing in a strange language. But.. it all seems very familiar... I wonder.
"Have we ever been here before?"
I asked. I feel like I'm somewhere I knew.
"No, why?"
"No, nevermind."
I try to forget it.
"How did you find it Julian?"
He shows the unaddressed mail. He tries to search for the address and end up finding this.
"Hey, what's this?"
I grab something.
"I'm not sure, is it a book?"
It's a book. It's shining. It's on the right of the cave.
"What it says?"
"It says The Book Of Dome. I can't open the next page. It's locked."
I try to open it. It's sealed.
"But the first one is not. It's said "The Power Of Thought, The Magic of Mind*. Delievers Everything What You Are Going To Find" .... I don't understand."
"Neither do I. But I think I get the point"
"We should enter it"
"What you are going to find it's said. What we're going to find, is inside."
He strecth his back. I feel strange.
"It feels strange."
Wind blows my hair. I see Julian hales a lot.
"So what?"
"Yeah so? Just like this? You're not gonna enter it?"
"Of course....."
"What? Why?"
"Umm.. nothing."
"You're okay?"
"Yeah... but..."
"Oooh.. Daddy's little girl's scared..."
"Shut up Julian I'm serious!"
I'm getting more nervous.
"Okay, sorry. Well, you should try to believe in me."
He teases me.
"Well you think what have I been doing these past 15 years huh?"
I try to win. He stays quiet.
I break the ice.
"You sure about this? I mean, there are so many possibilities that we are going to face in there."
I point at the cave
"That is exactly why we here."
"So, you believe in me?"
He looked me in the eyes.
"I do, I always do Julian.........."
He sees my doubtness.
"Okay, alright then. We're just gonna go home, and dream, only look at it and always ONLY look at it without knowing what's inside, and just oh, keep wondering whether greateness or darkness is inside this puzzled gate. It's sad don't you think, what a pity isn't it?".
Usuall. He does that. He loves to make me feel guilty.
"Ughh same thing, and always the same. When will you stop doing that Julian?"
"That's my friend"
He hugs me.
"Bring the book."
"It's our lead. Trust me."
"Don't leave me"
I grab his back, hold on tight.
He wants me to trust him. I trust him. I bring the book.
We hale and look at each other.
We stand in front of the gate, and ready to enter the greatness of all beyond our dreams, that we're about to start...

*Lord Bryan Quotes, English Romatic Poets and Satirist, (1788 - 1824)


I was playing on the sand box. Alone. Nobody was there. I enjoyed every scoop I took. People passed by like I wasn't there. I'm used to it. But, I remember. A boy was there. I thought he was gonna shoo me away. I picked all of my toys and tools. But when I looked in his eyes, he seemed confused. Then he asked me if he could join me. Before I could answer, I felt strange. I thought I'm invicible. How could he see me? A little, sad, brown haired girl. My mom picked me up. She asked about the boy. I say he'll someday be my best friend.

"The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves."**

"Open your eyes, it's fine"
"Julian where are we?"
"We're in our dreamland."

"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older"***

A dark sights through my eyes. I see nothing but.... it's Gods art. Made gracefully by the hands of God. A beauty I could never describe, a view I could never imagine, an art I could never do, a feeling I could never feel. Energy, Atmosphere. It's in front of me. Thank God.
"Where are we Julian?"
He carries me.
"You were too scared"
"So it's my fault?"
"Who said it's a fault?"
He smiles.
He looks so different.
"Let's sit over there."
He walks and sits me down in a strange tree. Then he sits next to me.
"I think.. We better be quiet. The creatures in here haven't seen us yet."
I agreed.

I look around. I see beautiful flying creatures. None of them I know for sure, but it seems they're what we use to call fairies. They're doing something with a huge flower. The flower keeps turning colours. Gracefully they dance round and round. I decided to watch, just watch and make it my best dream. But it's not. This is reality, and that's exactly what I'm hoping.

"You look pale."
"I do?"
He puts his palm on my forehead
"But you're not cold."
"Would you like me to search you something to drink?"
He asked.
He has never been this sweet.
"No, you promised not to leave me alone."
"Aiy aye princess."
He's back to his original self.

We sit next to each other.
I feel comfortable.

"It's what inside what you scared. Not scary huh?"
"No not at all."
I yawn.
"You sleepy?"
"Well, I guess in our world we call this time as night."
"You want to sleep?"
He's never been this sweet I repeat.
He grabs my head. He let my head lies on his shoulder. He's warm.
"Thank you."
"No problem."
Soon he gazes up.
"What kinda world you think this is?"
"Our dreamland"
"Yeah.. Even this tree is strange."
We hales.
Night atmosphere dives into us. Drive us along with the motherly lullabies.

**Khalil Gibran Quotes, Lebanese born American Philosophical Essayist, Novelist and Poets, (1883 - 1931)
***Tom Stoopard Quotes, British Playwright, (1937)


"Kroo! Krroo!"
"Krroo! Krroo Krroo Krroo!!!"
"Oh you're awake."
Whose voice is that?
"Good morning."
I heard it again!
"Kroo! Krroo!"
"Is something wrong Lucious?"

A creature is right ahead me. I'm not sure what is that. Strange and keep saying the same thing.

"Kroo! Krrooo!"
"I know, I know."
A man sound. A wise old man.
I saw a tall old man. Gentlely gaze at me. And smiled.
"Are you okay?"
He asked.
I'm speechless.
"Who are you?"
I try to be nice.
"I found you and your friend under the Glava Tree. I took you both to my house. And Oh, welcome."
JULIAN! Oh, he's.. asleep.
"And may I know whom you are beautiful girl? Where do you come from?"
"I'm.. I.. I'mm.."
Julian gasps shockingly.
"Where am I? Are you okay?"
He gazes at me. He grabs me on tightly.
"And, who are you old man? Are you trying to harm us? Are you? Are you?!"
Julian stands up. He tries to fight the kind old man. I have to stop him.
"Julian, stop, listen to me."
"No, he's trying to do badness on us!"
"Please.. Please, calm down young man, you don't understand."
The old man tries to explain.
"Oh no I understand very well you old man, now don't you get any closer or.. or..".
The old man smiles. He's turning his wand. Round and round. Magic spells from his mouth made Julian sits well and calms down. He's a Wizzard.
"What did you just do....."
Julian's shocked.
"Ah.. Many people thinks that way, not only you, young fighter."
He waves his hand. His wand disappear.
I whispers Julian and expalin everything. He seems embarassed.
"I'm so sorry for my friends rudeness."
I apologize.

"Please Mr.."
"Call me Tulio. And this is Lucious.."
He introduces his little pet.
"Tulio? Umm.., Mr. Tulio, Where are we? Who are you?"

Tulio? Have I know him before? Is he the...
He laughs? What's so funny?
"Ah dear dear youngsters..."
He walks.
"I suppose you're from out of here, aren't you?"

"Yeah, and we want to know where we are!"
"Oh, calm down little one."

"As you say, I am a wizzard."
See I knew it.
Why I knew it? I have never been here before.

"And welcome, to Griery's Cottage, please feel comfortable."
"Griery's Cottage?"
Julian is absolutely shocked.

"Yes young man, oh it's my house."
Then Tulio turns his eyes to the book we brought earlier.
"And may I know, where did you get the book?"
"Oh this?"
I show him the book.
"Yes, that one."
"Oh, it's right besides the gate that we enter to go here."
Julian answers a bit confused. He's still puzzled.
"The Gate?"
"The Gate Sir."
The gate? The book? Oh why it is all in my head? Is this what they called a Deja Vu

"Yes." He stops. Then he's about to continue.... until..
I stop his line.

"You're not just a wizzard"

"Pardon my lady?"

"If I'm not mistaken, you're The Celtic Wizzard...."

Tulio seems shocked.

"Well, yes young lady, I am the Celtic Wizzard. Have I told you before? Or have we met?"
"No, no no no no no...."
It's very confusing.. I know this place! I know where we are! That is why it is all seems so familiar! And this book! Yes! This is the book...

"What are you talking about?"
I'm so sorry Julian.. I am very confused myself...

"I knew it all Sir. Your pet, you found it in a underground cave where the minks gather."
Tulio seems shocked even more.

Julian have no idea what is going on.
"It's obviously and owl Anya..", he wishpers.
"It is not Julian, and I don't understand it either..", I replied.
We are both keep questioning to each other.

"And the book, you know about the book?"
He asks again.
"Yes Sir.. I suppose I guess I know it all..."
I feel scared, confused, I keep thinking, I know it all. That is why...

Tulio turns around
"Come come. Let me show you something, bring that book."
Julia brought the book, and I tries to grab tight on him.

We enter a big room. A big room with big bookshelfs, which is like I have once created. I was once drew this room. There's the magic curses books and there's the.. everything! I know everything in this room! In this house!

"You see, I can see goodness an badness in people."
He stops.
Then he continues.
"But I see nothing in you little girl."
"Umm.. Please call me Anya, Ivanya."

"Is there somthing wrong?"
I try to ask.
"I don't know, do you?"
Do I?
"Do you?"
Julian whispers through my ear.
"I suppose.."
"Give me that book."
"Give him the book."
"Give him.. Julian"
I gaze at his eyes. For some reason, I know this Wizzard.
"You know what this is do you?"
He asks me. Julian's eyes is full of questions.

"What are you trying to say?"

"Oh I supposed you know it all. Does this all seems so familiar?"
I know where this is going.
Julian keeps asking me, well, wishpering.

"Yes, how do you know that?"

"Ahh.. Lucious. Finally."
"Finally what? What's about her?!""
"Be patient Julian."
I warn him.

"30.000 years ago, a legend was born. There was a wise charming king. King Vivaldi was his name. He had a daughter.."
"Princess Annabelle is she?"
"Yes.. Preciesly young lady.."

I get emotional.
"What do you mean?"
"I know it all Julian! I know where we are, I know everything, and I know why I know everything.."
"What are you talking about?"

I turn my face to Tulio.
"Am I correct.. We are in Nocturnal..."

Tulio waves his wand and................................... Bright lights start coming out from it. I see what I've seen before, The stars, the pictures Tulio shows us in the edge of his wands.. The circle.. The Quantum Circle.. yes I know, all what I've been thinking in my life..

He stops his wand
"What was.. Nocturnal? Isn't that your mom's.."

"Yes Julian, yes!", I cut his line
"And the legend Julian I know it all, The King, King Vivaldi, his people and his empire. But then.. one day, a loyal trustworthy king's man, betrayed him. He was after Princess Anabelle..

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